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  • Big Picture:

    • The God of All Creation is a perfect and righteous being, and all of the universe is a clockwork paradise. When he allows his imperfect Younger Brother to create a world, the result is imperfect and introduces chaos and corruption into existence. Refusing to allow his elder brother to destroy it, the younger brother flees into creation with it. This story is told metaphorically in a tale known as The Parable, but very few people have ever heard it.
  • Palate

    • Yes

      • D&D style magic and creatures
      • Techno-magical light and dark ages
      • Planetary pantheon
      • Albino drow
    • No

      • Time travel other than top level deities
      • Additional top level deities
      • Corruption or "evil" predating the younger brother's creation
      • Standard D&D drow

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