Physics and Metaphysics

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In general, the physics of Younger Brother's Folly are similar to those of the real world. However, as the world is the creation of a nearly omnipotent being, these laws can be broken, Certain things work the way they work or are the way they are for the simple reason that "God says so". Additionally, as existence is the manifestation of a being's will, will is capable of altering the very structure of reality.

==Collective Unconscious==

Truths about the nature of reality sometimes bleed into the collective unconscious of the races of the Folly, especially humans, Younger Brother's first creation. One common example of this is the name humans have for their world, Folly. This is how Younger Brother thinks of his creation in his own mind, and as a result this is what humans call their world, even though they don't really know why. Some other common phrases such as references the The First Con also exist for this reason.


Magic is the act of altering reality with one's will alone. While one could theoretically simply achieve this by pure thought, in practice it is incredibly difficult to do so. The various trappings, words, and gestures of magic are all techniques for placing one's mind in the proper state to alter the world.


Many different gods are worshipped by the various races of The Folly. Some of these are entities created by Younger Brother to help manage certain aspects of reality. Some of these are corrupted Outsiders who set themselves up as petty godlings. Some of these gods do not (or did not) really exist. Many point to the miraculous abilities of some of the faithful as proof of the existence of a god, however, in truth faith simply serves as another tool to allow one's will to affect reality. It does not matter if the god a person believes in even exists, as long as their faith is strong enough to believe their magic will work. Sometimes, a new entity can even be born, a false god made true by the collective faith and will of it's worshippers.

Physics and Metaphysics

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