The Elder Sons

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The Elder Sons are a cult of greedy perverts, apocalyptic madmen, nihilists, and murderers. Or at least, that is what most people believe. In truth, the majority of the membership do fall into one (or more) of these categories. The believe they worship the "Elder God"described in the writings of the Church of the Younger, and consider that group to be their greatest enemies. They commit unspeakable acts in the name of degradation and destruction, believing they will be rewarded when the Elder God returns the world to chaos.

However, the true leaders of The Elder Sons have a very different set of motivations. These men and women see themselves as the servants of Elder Brother. They consider it their moral obligation to erase the stain of their own existence, as well as that of the entire Folly. They are the arch-enemies of The Will.

Some claim The Will was created by a traitorous member of The Elder Sons. 

The Elder Sons

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