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The Parable is a series of writings telling the story of the Folly in metaphor.

==The Parable of Creation==

A long time ago two brothers lived together in a beautiful home. Elder Brother was tall, strong and beautiful. His eyes were clear and his hands steady. Younger Brother was lame and stunted, a dark spot next to his brother's shining light. Despite their differences, they loved one another greatly, and the Elder Brother always cared for his sibling.

Elder Brother was a great craftsman and artist. He decorated their home with all manner of things, from images so beautiful they would tear away a man's soul to clockwork creations so complex that to unravel their secrets would invite madness. He worked tirelessly, stopping rarely to speak to his brother.

Younger Brother wandered their home, marveling at the beauty that Elder had created. He wept at the beauty, wondered at the complexity, and was awed by the scope. Younger Brother knew he could never make something so beautiful, but he felt lucky to even look upon such things.

Like every Younger Brother, he wanted to be more like his Elder Brother. One day he went to him in his workshop and sat watching for a time. Eventually He spoke.

"Brother, I wanted to ask you something."

Elder Brother put down his tools and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"What do you need my brother?"

"I know I could never be as great as you, but I was wondering if you could try to teach me to create something?"

Elder Brother knew that Younger could never create something that would deserve to be in their home, but he loved his brother too much to deny him.

"Of course, come here and we shall begin."

For a long time the worked together, side by side, the Elder trying to teach the Younger. His first attempts were…..nearly disastrous. An early error nearly burned down the entire house. However, Elder Brother put out the fire and they continued. There were many failures, creations that collapsed upon themselves or were torn by accident as Younger Brother clumsily tried to piece them together. 

Eventually however, Younger Brother completed a piece of work. He glowed with pride, and though he could see it was ill formed and homely compared to his brothers work, it still was his.

"Congratulations Brother! This is the most progress you have made yet. Come, let us throw it back in the forge and try again."

"Throw it back in the forge!? This is mine, I made it and it is dear to me."

"Come brother, it is an improvement, but you can see it is malformed and ugly, it cannot stay in our house."

Elder Brother reached out his hand to take the flawed creation, but Younger Brother quickly snatched it away. Whipping back his arm, he motioned as though throwing it away past his brother, but slyly palmed it in his hand. His Elder Brother, whose heart was free from even the barest trace of guile, did not notice his brother's trick. Turning around, he walked off in search of his brother's work. 

Thinking quickly, Younger Brother dove under the work bench and crawled deep into the back of the workshop in the dark shadowed recesses. As long as he was quiet, his brother would never look for him here. Settling back, He began contemplating his creation with starry eyes. Perhaps, just a little change right there……

The Parable

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