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Outsiders is the name given to all entities from Elder Brother's original creation. Though the vast majority of these being are beings a pure law and virtue, some have become corrupted due to Younger Brother's Folly. Though there are vastly more Uncorrupted Outsiders (Pure Ones) than Corrupted ones, on the world of Younger Brother's folly Pure Ones are very rare. It is difficult for the Pure to even find Younger Brother's Folly, and even more difficult for them to remain Pure once they are there.

==The Pure Ones==

The Pure Ones are Elder Brother's original, uncorrupted creations. These are beings of absolute law, virtue and goodness. Before Younger Brother's Folly, they lived a perfect, timeless existence of clockwork bliss. Now they continually search out the Folly for their creator. When a Pure One strikes down someone from The Folly,  there is never any visible wound. They strike at the very essence of the being, bringing a painless, some believe blissful, end. As beings of true righteousness, no blood ever stains their blade.

It is difficult for The Pure Ones to find their way to the Folly because of how confusing it is for them. Furthermore, those that do are often corrupted by it, becoming part of the group known as the Shadowed. Even if they remain Pure, often they are trapped by the convoluted nature of reality in The Folly.

==The Shadowed==

The Shadowed is the name for any one of Elder Brother's creations that has been corrupted by the existence of the Folly. These creatures are incredibly varied, with an infinite variety of forms, attitudes and motivations.


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