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The Deepness is a large planet further out from the sun than Folly. It's surface is dominated by cold, windswept mountain ranges and the deep valleys that separate them. Massive glaciers cover the northern and southern poles, with only a narrow equatorial band of temperate land. Deep caves and rich mines of every type also pierce this world to its core. The Deepness is home to four main races

==Races of Deephome==

  • Dwarves – The Dwarves are the dominant race of the Deepness. They are staunch warriors and skilled craftsmen. Dwarven empires stretch from the highest mountain deep into the core of the world. The various Tribes, Clans, Houses, Families, Guilds, and whatever else they might call themselves share a dizzying web of alliances, betrayals and vendettas stretching back generations.
  • Gnomes – The gnomes are engineers, scientists, and wizards of great intellect. Though many live among the Dwarves, there are also Gnome controlled areas which dot the globe. The combination of Gnomish ingenuity and Dwarven craftsmanship is responsible for many of the great technological advancements throughout history.
  • Halflings – Halflings live in the narrow temperate bands around the equator. Perhaps the least warlike of the races of the Deepness, it might seem odd that they control what many would consider it's most desirable land. However, the halflings serve as arbiters for the other races and sell food from their farms at reasonable rates. The Dwarves know if any one group took the halflings land, it would simply lead to bloody warfare and the despoiling of the best land on the planet.
  • Giants – Small tribes of Giants dot the planet, and the Southern Pole is dominated by the Giant Empire. Though Dwarves sometimes ally with the Giants, the Gnomes and Giants are deadly enemies. As the dominant Giant subtypes are Frost, Cloud and Storm Giants, they generally have little interest in the temperate zones, although Giant raids into halfling lands are not uncommon.

The Deepness

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