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The people now known simply as the Librarians were once a group of nomadic clans of herders and hunters. They had a great love of the written word, and the greatest treasure of each tribe was a wagon that contained all of their great books and scrolls, the Clan Library. Eventually, the greatest of the clans accrued so many books, they could no longer reasonably transport them all. More in love with their books than their way of life, the clan chose to build a settlement on the great plains where they herded their cattle. At the center they built a great building, a library to hold many, many more books than they already had. 

The settlement group up around the library, buildings springing up. It became the central hub for trade among the clans and so it prospered. Over the years it grew, and so did the collection in the library. In scarcely more than a generation, they had already filled the shelves of their library, and so it grew, slowly engulfing the still growing town around it. In timethe entire town was simply called The Library.

Eventually, other clans also chose to end their wanderings. When they did, they would build a library of their own on the outskirts to house their collections. Eventually, they grew together into a single  sprawling edifice. Each library of the individual clans represents a center dedicated to various themes or subjects and is the head of a particular department of the Library. The heads of each of these form the council that is the head of the city. 


  • Acquisitions/The Seekers – The last clan to join, their spirits were too wild to give up the life of a nomad. They serve as the scouts, explorers, traders and truth be told sometimes thieves for the Library. They are in charge of acquiring new texts for the library, as well as occasionally retrieving texts stolen from the library. They are also the primary merchant class. Unique among the Departments, Acquisitions does not have it's own library. They allowed their collection to be placed among the other libraries in exchange for almost unlimited access to any text owned by any department.
  • Flame Wardens/The Knights – Since the days they traveled the plains in wooden boxes, nothing has been more dangerous to the libraries than fire. Thus the name of the hereditary protectors of the Library. Fire prevention is one of their main goals, but they also serve as the police force and army for the Library. They sometimes work with Acquisitions to retrieve stolen property.
  • Cataloging/The Clerks – The descendants of the creators of the original library, the first great clan to give up their wandering, they are in charge of keeping track of the entire collection of the library. As you can imagine given the library encompasses an entire city, this is a monumental task. The Catalogers are constantly checking and rechecking their great lists of books, scrolls, tablets, and hundreds of other kinds of items. They also administer the bureaucracy of the city as a whole.
  • Finance/The Accountants - They control the purse strings of the Library and city. They administer fees and taxes and approve any expenditures. Though almost always calm and polite, their red-garbed collectors can inspire fear in even the stoutest of hearts.  
  • Research – Unlike the other Departments, who seek mainly to collect the knowledge of humanity, Research wishes to add to it. Be it medicine, engineering or magic, the Research Department pushes the bounds of human knowledge. They also manage to light themselves on fire at a distressingly high rate. A special company of Flame Wardens is permanently stationed at the Research Department. Although perhaps the most disconnected of the Departments with the outside world, they often insist on accompanying Acquisitions in order to get first hand knowledge. Research provides medical care in the city, and the care provided is likely the best in the world.
  • Education/The Teachers – Although members of every Department teach various classes, the Education department administers all classes and teaches more than any other Department. Every child in the Library attends school and the Teachers ensure that education is worthwhile.
  • Artifice/The Makers – Every known for of art and craft in the world is practiced by the Department of Artifice. From painters to  blacksmiths to musicians, the Department of Artifice is a font of creation. The Artifice Department also maintains the buildings and infrastructure of the Library.

The Great Library

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