The Green Planet


The Second Genesis

Younger Brother creates Verdance, a world of lush jungles and shallow seas. The races of Verdance are collectively referred to as greenskins, though many do not share the archetypical color of their people.


  • Orcs – One of the two dominant races of Verdance, they are organized into large, semi-nomadic tribes. Boisterous and warlike, sometimes many tribes will be united under a charismatic warchief leading to long periods of war.
  • Hobgoblins – The other dominant race of Verdance, Hobgoblins are militaristic and regimented. Their society is efficient and ordered, if tyrannical.
  • Goblins – Goblins come in two "subspecies". The far larger group are known simply as common goblins, who either form primitive tribes or often live as low class workers and slaves in the societies of the other races. The highly intelligent "Brainz" usually form small groups to perform technomagical research, often with groups of common goblins as servants. Rumors that groups among these so-called Brainz control the Orc and Hobgoblin empires is of course pure foolishness.
  • Ogres – Simpleminded yet honorable, Ogres are nonetheless some of the most dangerous warriors of Verdance. Usually serving in the armies of other races, a trained Ogre warrior is a nightmare to face on the battlefield.

The Green Planet

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